Novamont UK

Living chemistry for quality of life

NOVAMONT is the world’s leading company in the sector of bioplastics and biochemicals obtained through the integration of chemistry, environment and agriculture. It promotes a new model of bioeconomy in the logic of the circular economy, not only based on efficiency and sustainable use of renewable resources, but also as a factor for territorial regeneration. Its development model starts from local areas and creates integrated biorefineries by converting uncompetitive industrial sites, respecting the specific characteristics and biodiversity of the territories, in partnership with all the stakeholders in the value chain.

Materials made of MATER-BI, which is obtained by means of pioneering proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations, are made by an integrated value chain involving three Italian production facilities. In keeping with our bioeconomy model, understood as territorial regeneration, uncompetitive industrial sites have been converted into innovative plants.

Its approach is cultural as well as industrial and can create jobs and competitiveness, enhancing local skills and implementing training programmes at all levels.

NOVAMONT has a team dedicated to the UK which offers sales and technical support to our exisiting customers and any other interested parties who would like to learn more about  our company and products. A key objective of our UK team being to help promote our MATER-BI bioplastics range and, secondly, of creating awareness and informing the various stakeholders on the important role that biodegradable plastics and biosourced materials can play as part of a circular economy and new business opportunities.