Our MATER-BI product range is obtained by combining chemistry, environment and agriculture with a guarantee of quality, performance and reliability.

MATER-BI is a range of bio-based plastics produced by NOVAMONT which are biodegradable and compostable.  They are obtained by patented technologies in the field of processing starches, vegetable oils and combinations thereof. Developed by NOVAMONT research to provide solutions for specific environmental problems and to help promote sustainable behavior.

Bioplastics have material characteristics and properties similar to those of traditional plastics, while being of vegetable origin, biodegradable and compostable according to European Standard EN 13432 the major technical reference material for producers, public authorities, composting facilities, certification bodies and consumers.

MATER-BI is used in many sectors (retail bags, packaging, fast food, waste sorting and agriculture) by providing unique and innovative solutions.  
Due to its compostability MATER-BI can help optimize the collection and management of waste, return food nutrients to soil, reduce environmental impact and develop virtuous production systems with significant advantages throughout the production-consumption cycle.